ESD Galas and Symposia

LSF's Annual Education for Sustainable Development Gala brings together community and industry leaders, teachers, students and government representatives. The Gala is an opportunity to network, reflect on, and celebrate the year's accomplishments, and strengthen our collective commitment to Education for Sustainable Development.

Gala Date Location Sponsors
15th Annual Gala April 20, 2016 Toronto 3M
14th Annual Gala May 2, 2016 Toronto 3M

13th Annual Gala

May 14, 2015 Toronto


12th Annual Gala

May 13, 2013 Toronto

Suncor Energy

11th Annual Gala October 16,
Toronto Vale
10th Annual/20th
Anniversary Gala

November 15,

BMO Financial Group
9th Annual Gala May 18, 2010 Toronto BMO Financial Group
8th Annual Gala June 4, 2009 Toronto RBC
7th Annual Gala
2008 Toronto HP
6th Annual Gala
2007 Toronto BMO Financial Group
5th Annual Gala
2006 Toronto BMO Financial Group
4th Annual Gala
2005 Toronto CIBC
3rd Annual Gala
2004 Calgary Suncor Energy
2nd Annual Gala
2003 Toronto RBC Financial Group
1st Annual Gala
2002 Toronto York University

LSF undertakes research and convenes symposia and round table discussions engaging stakeholders and key decision-makers from across Canada to address “What’s worth Knowing” about various sustainability issues and how to influence policy development and curriculum changes in these areas. 

Symposia Date Location Sponsors

2015 What's Worth Knowing: Educating for the 21st Century Green Economy Symposium

May 15, 2015 Toronto


2013 What's Worth Knowing: Educating for Responsible Citizenship

May 13, 2013 Toronto

Suncor Energy

2012 Ready or Not? Preparing Youth for 21st Century Responsible Citzenship Roundtables October 16, 
Toronto Vale
2011 What's Worth Knowing: Health and the Environment

November 15, 

Toronto BMO Financial Group

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