Stouffville District Secondary School

In June 2006 Stouffville District Secondary School (SDSS) began the journey to reinvent itself through the Lighthouse School Project. This school is located at the rural/urban fringe with significant environmental pressures created by urban sprawl. The transformation taking place at SDSS uses sustainability as an integrating context for teaching, learning, decision-making, civic engagement, community partnerships and operational practices, to foster the creation of responsible citizenship. This mulit-year project is a partnership between Learning for a Sustainable Future and York Region District School Board and supports the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

Sustainability Initiatives at SDSS:


  • Vermicomposting of lunch and snack waste
  • Fair trade coffee sold in the cafeteria
  • Biodegradable plates and cups supplied by the cafeteria
  • Reduction of paper use through electronic submission of assignments and re-use of single-sided paper
  • Pursuit of EcoSchools certification

School Culture

  • Inaugural Sustainability Achievement Award at awards ceremony
  • Sustainability project launched by LEAD program students
  • Creation of quilted banner displaying students’ answers to the question “Why bother?” to respect all people, animals and plants, near and far, now and in the future
  • Presentations by students at EcoLeague forums on sustainability at SDSS
  • Cultural diversity appreciation programs
  • School blog to facilitate communication and connect with community


  • Resources for Rethinking database training for teachers
  • Sustainability units integrated into diverse subject areas, including:
    • Science: Life-cycle analysis of electronic products
    • Geography: Independent study unit focused on taking action
    • Hospitality: School Bistro focus on “slow food” movement, waste reduction through reusable containers for take-home meals, and healthier vegetarian options
    • Civics: Active citizenship

Physical Surroundings

  • Electricity reduction campaign using the newly installed energy monitor
  • Outdoor classroom plans
  • Design for inspiring and peaceful seating area for main hallway drafted by University of Toronto engineering students with input from SDSS students

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