Engaging Students in Sustainable Action Projects (ESSAP) Workshop

Engaging Students in Sustainable Action Projects Workshop is offered to teachers in conjunction with our Youth Taking Action Youth Forum program. Led by trained consultants, the workshop is designed to complement the student youth forums. It focuses on engaging the students in successful environment/social justice action projects students that are explored over the course of the youth forum. Specific strategies are developed to work toward creating change that is truly sustainable, not just for the Earth but also for students and for teachers themselves. Download the Engaging Students in Sustainable Action Projects (ESSAP) guide.

Teachers will be guided through what an action project entails and explore different strategies for success. Assistance with selecting and developing successful projects will also be provided. Teachers receive: A Teacher's Guide to EcoLeague: Specific Recipes for Taking Action. Teachers will have an opportunity to explore how action projects fit into curriculum units and various sample projects that can be carried out with their students.

Program specifics:

  • Receive a 50 page action project guide
  • Explore action project ideas
  • Learn about a 12 step process for successful action projects
  • Participate in activities they can use in their class to help students
  • Work together to identify problems in the action project process and move toward overcoming them
  • Explore strategies for integrating action projects into the regular school program
  • Identify specific action programs that complement curriculum units

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