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Key Strategies that Transform Learning
From Environmental Education to Citizenship and Sustainability

Learning Locally or using the community as a classroom is a strategy available at every school. The opportunities vary according to the school's location and the time of year. Nevertheless there are rich opportunities waiting outside every school door.

  • Learning locally takes advantage of the natural, built and cultural amenities that exist in the community - just outside the school doors, often a short walk away.
  • Using local experiences for learning expands the confines of the classroom to include the richness of the community and helps redefine learning as a life-long pursuit.

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Additional Insights, Support and Examples
of Learning Locally

  • Educators are invited to add insights, support and examples to this list. Email joanne@lsf-lst.ca
  • Resources for Rethinking (R4R) recommendations of classroom resources that exemplify Learning Locally

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