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Educators are faced with the challenge of preparing students for a changing 21st century world. 

We welcome you to our community of educational leaders who are transforming learning. Each professional development event brings together educators to share their interests and experiences while advancing their practice and that of their colleagues.  We look forward to learning with you. 

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Due to COVID-19 and social distancing protocol across Canada, we are now offering virtual professional development opportunities. 

For further information on these and other PD events OR if you would like an institute tailored to your jurisdiction, please contact Elaine at

Nos services de perfectionnement professionnel sont également disponibles en français. Pour plus de renseignements sur ces activités de perfectionnement professionnel et d’autres encore, veuillez communiquer avec Elaine à


Our Professional Development Events Get Great Reviews

I feel like I have a deeper understanding of the inquiry process because I was directly experiencing it in the institute.

This was the best use of my time in a long while - shared with all my peers and worthy of going to many times over as the people attending help make the difference. WELL DONE!

It's great to connect with like minded educators & to know even though we all have similar challenges we can support each other to find creative solutions & offer advice when needed.

It was the best learning experience for Inquiry-based leaning. I am now clear and more comfortable implementing inquiry while incorporating nature.

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