2015 What's Worth Knowing: Educating for the 21st Century Green Economy Symposium

The 2015 What's Worth Knowing: Educating for the 21st Century Green Economy Symposium was held in May 15th, 2015 in Toronto at the BMO Institute for Learning. This event brought together over 90 senior decision makers from the government, business, education, and community sectors, as well as educators and youth from across Canada. The dialogue focused on what students need to know, do and value to be responsible, active and contributing citizens, entrepreneurs and consumers for the 21st century Green economy; and how formal education can be reoriented to meet these goals.

LSF's paper, 21st Century Learning viewed through a Sustainability Lens, which was prepared for the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada - Deputy Ministers, serves as a background paper to this Symposium.

Read the 2015 What's Worth Knowing: Educating for the 21st Century Green Economy Symposium final report here. For more photos, please visit our Facebook page. 

Pamela Schwartzberg, President and CEO, presents an overview of Learning for a Sustainable Future's mission statement and programs.

Morning Keynote: Honourable Glen Murray, Minister, Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change provides inspirational opening Keynote Address (video)

Expert Panel:  Connecting the Discourse on 21st Century Education, to Learning for a Green Economy

Speakers (L-R)

Richard Chartrand-  Executive Director, Electronics & Energy Business Group, 3M Canada - From Education to Sustainable Energy (presentation) (video)

Bob Willard – Speaker and Author, Sustainability Advantage - Future Fit Business Benchmark (presentation) (video)

Bruce Rodriques - Chief Executive Officer, Education Quality and Assessment Office  (EQAO)- Can we reasonably assess Learning for a Sustainable Future and why Education needs to pay attention (presentation) (video)

Bernie McIntyre – Manager Community Transformation Programs, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority – Energy Efficiency Programs and the Green Economy (presentation) (video)

Learning for a Sustainable Future's Our Canada Project Presentation 

Afternoon Keynote: Dr. David Wheeler, President and Vice-Chancellor of Cape Breton University provides the afternoon keynote: Disruption and Disturbance – a new paradigm for sustainability education (presentation) (video)


Through facilitated discussions participants identified the issues, the driving and restraining forces, what needs to be done, and developed action plans.


Closing Keynote: Dr. Gerald Farthing, Deputy Minister, Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning and LSF Board Member, provides the closing address and call to action. (video pt. 1) (pt. 2) (pt. 3)

Thank you to our Symposium sponsors:

Presenting sponsor - BMO Financial

Bronze: 3M and Hewlett Packard

For further information please contact Elaine at symposium@lsf-lst.ca or call 1 877 250 8202 or 416 327 2032.

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