Ready or Not? Preparing youth for 21st century responsible citizenship

Declining trends in voter turnout and other forms of democratic participation show that Canadians are becoming increasingly disengaged in active expressions of citizenship. The greatest declines in participation are occurring in younger generations, indicating that formal education is not adequately preparing young people to be empowered and engaged citizens.

Learning for a Sustainable Future and Deloitte hosted a series of Roundtable discussions that brought together over 100 senior education, business and civil society leaders in four cities across Canada in the spring of 2012: Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Halifax.

These Roundtables focused on responding to the questions:

  • What do children and youth need to know, do, and value by the time they leave school in order to ensure they are responsible, active, and contributing citizens?
  • How can formal education be reoriented to meet these goals?

Roundtable Materials

See our hot topics page for further educational information on teaching about citizenship.

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