Action Projects

Action projects are experiential learning activities that give youth a chance to focus on issues directly affecting them. Designing and implementing action projects allows youth to understand that they do have the ability to bring about positive and significant change in their schools and communities. Through our Youth Forums and in-class action days, students are motivated to take on a variety of different Action Projects. Below are a selection of Action Projects that schools are taking on across the country.

Sample projects:

Greening your Schoolyard

Does your schoolyard look grey and bleak? Transform it by planting native trees, shrubs and wildflowers and contribute to a healthier school environment!

No Idling at School

Develop an anti-idling campaign at your school, creating posters and information handouts about the negative effects of idling.

Shoreline Clean-up

Take action to remove garbage from a local water body and help to restore the environment and create healthier spaces for animals and plants to thrive.

Building a Vermicomposter

Become master builders of a garbage-guzzling machine that will use worms to transform organic waste into a natural fertilizer!

Yellow Fish RoadTM

Raise awareness of the negative effects of storm water runoff through the fun and inspirational activity of painting yellow fish on storm drains.

Growing Local Food

Plant and care for your own food from seed to harvest! Begin thinking about where your food comes from, and why it matters for your health, farmers, rural communities, and the environment.

Energy Conservation & School Audit

Take action with a school audit to study and analyze what uses up energy at school, then take on the mission to lower energy use school-wide!

Designing Re-usable Grocery Bags

There are plenty of innovative ways you can reuse common household products and reduce the need for others. Design funky and fun bags from old materials and flatten your fluffy pile of plastic shopping bags.

For more information on creating a action project at your school contact:

Elaine Rubinoff, Director of Programs and Administration

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