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    Your workshops have a very different approach than other workshops I have attended because within the workshop we are following the Inquiry model and, like our students, we are more engaged in our learning! Thank you." - Teacher, 2016

The goals of these transformative learning workshops are to identify opportunities in the curriculum to explore issues of sustainable development, identify relevant classroom resources to assist teachers in the exploration of these issues, and provide the necessary professional development to alert teachers to the curriculum possibilities and the available education resources.

How LSF Makes Workshops Work

  • LSF provides teachers with information and tools specific to their grade and subject area.
  • Workshop designs are prepared by teachers, for teachers, and workshop presentations are facilitated by teachers with in-class experience and teacher-training experience.
  • Material is curriculum aligned and customized for individual provincial curricula.
  • LSF offers on-going support to teachers to help implement the ideas generated from the workshops.
  • Workshops offer an opportunity to ask questions and to request the development of specific materials.
  • Workshops include a free take-home resource guide complete with student-ready (really ready!) handouts, resource lists, and concise background information about the issues to inform you without overloading you.
  • Workshops are available for teachers of all grade levels and most subjects.


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