Education for Sustainable Development Professional Learning Modules

These Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Professional Learning Modules have been designed by LSF to provide education leaders within Departments of Education, Faculties of Education and School Districts tools to help them address issues related to Education for Sustainable Development.

Module A: “What is Education for Sustainable Development”

  • What it means to be a sustainable community;
  • Understanding the interconnectedness of social, economic and environmental issues;
  • Identifying the knowledge, skills and values required for citizenship that builds sustainable communities; and
  • Assessing system support for ESD through- School Culture, Curriculum , Operations and Physical Surroundings

Download Module A Presentation and Notes.

Module B: Curriculum, Teaching and Learning for ESD

  • Looking at the curriculum through a sustainability lens;
  • Learning methodologies that support ESD;
  • Classroom resources that support ESD

Download Module B Presentation and Notes.

Module C: Connecting the DOTS – 7 Strategies for organizing ESD learning experiences

  1.  Integration/Interdisciplinary Learning
  2.  Following an Inquiry Path
  3.  Connecting Learning to the Real World
  4.  Considering Alternative Perspectives
  5. Using Local Experiences- The Community as Classroom
  6. Acting on Learning
  7. Sharing Responsibility for Learning with Students

Download Module C Presentation and Notes.

All modules are available electronically and include: 

  • Powerpoint presentation with notes
  • Recommended readings
  • Recommended videos
  • Small group activities, with worksheets and examples

Thanks to the Newfoundland Labrador Department of Education and Early Childhood Development for funding the development of these modules.

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