Registration: LSF's virtual Climate Action Youth Forum for National gr 9-12 - Winter 2024


Welcome to LSF’s Youth Forums, designed to ENGAGE your students in local climate issues, EQUIP them with knowledge and skills needed to make change, and EMPOWER them to take action.

The 6-week virtual event series will include:

  • info session for teachers
  • PD resource package for teachers
  • virtual kickoff event
  • virtual hands-on student workshops – both live and recorded
  • $500 Action Project grant to support climate action in your community

All sessions will be available both live and recorded to suit your schedule.

PD resources will cover basic climate change info and offer inspiration and ideas to help you explore climate action-based learning with your students. 

Student workshops will cover various climate change issues that impact your community and present ideas and opportunities for students to take action! Workshops will be delivered by expert organizations to provide relevant context and insight for your students and act as potential community partners for your Action Projects.

Complete 4+ workshops with your class (at your own pace!) to receive your $500 Action Project grant! 

Please email if you have any questions.

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