Registration: LSF's Water Docs at School Program & Forum 2022/2023

Brought to you by Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF) and Water Docs, WDaS is a free, curriculum-connected community action program that actively engages grade 7-8 students in addressing water issues through authentic inquiry, project-based learning, and video production. This program builds students’ understanding of water and instills in them a commitment to water stewardship.

Previously only connected to Ontario curriculum, we are excited to announce that the program now has curriculum connections to both New Brunswick and Manitoba grades 7-8 curriculum!

The program runs Fall 2022 until Spring 2023. Films will be due May 24, 2023 and will be judged by our panel and recognized with awards for Best Project and Best Film.

Water Docs at School Youth Forum:

This Youth Forum is a recommended (but not mandatory) part of the Water Docs at School Program. Registering for the Youth Forum will register you for the WDaS program as well.

LSF’s Youth Forums are designed to ENGAGE your students in local water issues, EQUIP them with knowledge and skills needed to make change, and EMPOWER them to take action.

The 6-week virtual event series will run Jan-Mar 2023 and include:

    • info session/meet & greet for teachers
    • PD & resources for teachers
    • kickoff event
    • expert-led student workshops
    • student Action Project Planning workshop
    • $500 Action Project grant to support your water action and filmmaking

Student workshops will cover various water issues that impact your community and present ideas and opportunities for students to take action! Workshops will be delivered by local organizations to provide relevant context and insight for your students and act as potential community partners for your Action Projects. We’ll also support you with Action Project planning and filmmaking workshops.

All session will be available both live and recorded to suit your schedule.

Classes that complete the virtual Youth Forum can receive a $500 grant to support their Action Projects and filmmaking.

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The program and Youth Forum events are 100% virtual, so you can participate no matter what your class looks like this year! Whether you're in the classroom, teaching virtually, or a mix of both, we've got you covered.

We know this year may be a bit unpredictable, but we should be flexible enough to account for any learning situation you find yourself in! We're happy to help if you foresee any technical problems.

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