Action Project Funding

Want to make a difference in your school or community? Want to engage your students in a learning experience that is hands-on, real-world, memorable and impactful? We can help!

Learning for a Sustainable Future provides funding for students and teachers to engage their school and community in sustainability Action Projects. This includes any action that is student-led and contributes to the sustainability of your school or community—the only limit is your students’ imagination!

Whether you’re greening your schoolyard, eliminating single-use plastics at school, motivating your community to reduce their carbon footprint, or any other actions towards our sustainable future, we are here to support you.

2022/2023 Funding Program

We are funding student-led climate change/sustainability Action Projects with up to $500 each. 

Applications for the 2022/2023 funding program are now closed! They will reopen in the fall.

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Our 2022/2023 funding applications will be opening in September 2022. Stay tuned!


All Action Projects must be completed and reported on by May 24, 2023, regardless of when they are approved. Check your email for the Final Report link. 


  • We work with grade K-12 students in Canada.
  • Projects must relate to climate change or other sustainability issues.
  • Action Projects must be student-led.
  • We can only fund 1 project per school—first come, first served.
  • We generally DO NOT FUND landscapers/contractors, speaker fees, donations to other organizations, travel (i.e. busing), or large-scale installations such as water bottle refill stations (exceptions may apply!)
  • For planting projects: we DO NOT FUND planting for beautification only. We DO FUND planting for food, for carbon capture, to support pollinators/birds/bees, xeriscaping or flood/erosion protection, or for projects that focus on native species or connect to Indigenous knowledge (e.g. 3 sisters gardens, medicine wheel gardens, etc.). The links to climate change/sustainability must be made clear in your application.


  • We grant 75% of the funds up front with the remaining 25% granted after we receive your Final Report.
  • You will need to submit receipts or proof of purchase for all budget items.
  • All Action Projects must also be posted on Our Canada Project by May 24, 2023, including some great photos of your students in action. So get snappy!
  • See Funding Rubric for more details.
  • You can preview the application questions for reference here.

More Information

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This project was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada