"Climate Action" Virtual Youth Forum for NL

Welcome “Climate Action” Youth Forum Participants! This page is your home base for all the events, materials & links that are part of this Forum. 

Please reach out to jenn@LSF-LST.ca if you have any questions or feedback! 

Get Started!

  • Watch the Recording of the Kickoff Event with Aaron Hingston (Youth Climate Activist): Live event was Tues Oct 5
  • Watch this Climate 101 Workshop for some added background information on the science behind human-induced climate change
    • This workshop is highly recommended as a backgrounder for students who are new to the issue of climate change, and would like to know more about the science and the context before learning how to take action!

Student Workshops

Complete any 4 (or more!) of the following workshops with your students to receive your $500 Action Project grant!

Live Workshops:

Remember, all live workshops are recorded so you can catch up if you miss one!

Workshop Description: Solar panels are based on technology that converts sunlight directly to electricity, and can be a great source of clean energy. The talk will discuss climate change and how we can address it, the thermonuclear fusion which powers our Sun, and Sun in Indigenous knowledge. We will also explore how solar panels work and discuss some tips for designing solar power installations in northern climates.

Materials/Prep: Measure the length of your shadow at noon a day or two before the workshop.

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This workshop will discuss how the program does this and how youth can get involved to be part of the program’s evolution.

  1. The new Watershed Heroes Climate Action program that was developed by The Fluvarium, 
  2. Provide a sneak peek of the Power Tower, and
  3. How classrooms can come up with their own climate action project while participating at the Watershed Heroes Climate Action Day in Spring 2022

Materials/Prep: None

Learn more about The Fluvarium

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Workshop Description: The presentation will foster community engagement and localized youth climate action by:

  1. Highlighting ongoing and completed youth-led projects all over the province that will educate students in NL about local climate change impacts and sustainability initiatives.
  2. Inspiring students to seek out existing sustainability initiatives, and empowering students to develop similar practices and projects in their communities.
  3. Sparking interest in a multitude of careers in the intersecting fields of environmental and cultural heritage conservation.

Materials/Prep: None

Learn more about Conservation Corps NL

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Workshop Description: Students will learn to code a short program in Scratch that will allow them to create a “Choose your own climate adventure” game. They will code questions and answers, animate, and interact with the program that will help them better understand how the littlest changes in their actions can have an impact. 

Materials/Prep: Students and teachers will require a Chromebook or computer for the coding exercise.

Learn more about Brilliant Labs

Pre-Recorded Workshops:

Available anytime!

Workshop Description: In this session students will explore how we capture and use the wind to generate electrical energy, how wind energy is being used across the country, and how students can support the transition to renewable energies.


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Workshop Description: In this session, students will explore a circular economic model in relation to the problem of plastic waste in the environment. Through examination of the Plastic Problem and technological solutions to plastic waste, students will feel empowered to address this complex issue and close the loop on plastic.


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Workshop Description:

This interactive workshop will explore climate change impacts and solutions through the Climate Atlas of Canada, an engaging online tool for students, researchers, decision-makers, and communities. As an example, we will look at the health impacts of climate change and students will have the opportunity to participate in a “treasure hunt” to find the answers on the site themselves.


  • Internet-enabled device – 1 per student or shared

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