"Climate Action" Virtual Youth Forum for ON

Welcome “Climate Action” Youth Forum participants! This page is your home base for all the events, materials & links that are part of this Forum. 

Please reach out to samantha@LSF-LST.ca if you have any questions or feedback! 

Before You Begin:

We need your help! Before you start the Youth Forum with your class, please have each student fill out our short survey. We need this information for our funders. We can’t continue the Youth Forums without it!

Please forward this link to your students and ask them each to complete it ASAP: www.LSF-LST.ca/forms/cc-student-survey

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Get Started!

  • Oct 25 @ 1:30pm EDT: Kickoff Event with Gabriella Zappone, Gr 8 student, former Youth Forum participant, & Action Project leader! Click here to register
  • Climate 101 Workshop (Coming Soon)

Student Workshops

Complete any 4 (or more!) of the following workshops with your students to receive your $400 Action Project grant!

Live Workshops:

Remember, all live workshops are recorded so you can catch up if you miss one!

Workshop Description: It’s not too late! Join us and find out what Ocean Wise is doing to help turn the tide on Climate Change. How can we create a wave of positive change in this era of a changing climate? Join an Ocean Wise Educator to discuss simple ways for you to help our oceans and climate recover.


  • Pencil and paper for each student

Register for this workshop to receive the Zoom link. 

Learn more about Ocean Wise

Workshop Description: Students will be introduced to the basic concepts of climate literacy and gain an understanding of how human activities impact Earth’s living things and natural patterns. They will focus in more detail on the potential of our urban forests and green spaces to combat Climate Change. Students will gain some knowledge about tree structure, tree parts and functions as well as a deeper understanding about the many benefits of urban trees. Students will learn how to measure a tree circumference and use these measurements to calculate carbon storage in trees.

Register for this workshop to receive the Zoom link. 

Learn more about OakvilleGreen

Workshop Description: In this session we’ll be exploring energy’s journey from generation to consumption. Students will understand where energy loss occurs and what they can do to conserve energy and help to mitigate climate change.

Materials/Prep: Students need internet-enabled devices to participate.

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Learn more about GreenLearning

Pre-Recorded Workshops:

Available anytime!

Workshop Description: In this session students will explore how we capture and use the wind to generate electrical energy, how wind energy is being used across the country, and how students can support the transition to renewable energies.


Access this workshop

Workshop Description: In this session, students will explore a circular economic model in relation to the problem of plastic waste in the environment. Through examination of the Plastic Problem and technological solutions to plastic waste, students will feel empowered to address this complex issue and close the loop on plastic.


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Workshop Description:

This interactive workshop will explore climate change impacts and solutions through the Climate Atlas of Canada, an engaging online tool for students, researchers, decision-makers, and communities. As an example, we will look at the health impacts of climate change and students will have the opportunity to participate in a “treasure hunt” to find the answers on the site themselves.


  • Internet-enabled device – 1 per student or shared

Workshop link coming soon

This project was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada

Teacher Professional Development Sessions

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