Climate Action Youth Forum for Remote & Indigenous Communities

Below you will find recorded events from last Winter and Spring’s 2021 Remote & Indigenous Climate Action Virtual Youth Forums. These workshops each intend to educate about climate change and the effect that it is having on remote & Indigenous communities from a number of perspectives. We encourage you to use as many workshops as you’d like as a resource to provoke student’s thinking about climate issues & solutions, inspire action, and learn more from experts & community groups! 

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Student Workshops

Recorded Workshops:

Workshop Description: The world needs to make a transition to low-carbon energy. This transition will require innovation to affordably reduce the carbon footprint of all major emissions sources. This workshop covers some of the current energy sources that are problematic, and goes on to describe some feasible solutions in different communities. 

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Learn more about The International Institute for Sustainable Development

Preparation: If available, read The Water Walker by Joanne Robertson. 

Workshop Description: In this workshop we will learn about our responsibilities to water as taught to us by the water walkers. We will also help students to understand the ways in which climate action can support and protect nibi (water). Lastly, students will learn about Indigenous water knowledges and how they can restore their connection to water. Protecting water is a key step in climate activism for all ages.

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Workshop Description: Since time immemorial, Indigenous communities have attained food through hunting and gathering fishing and farming while sharing and protecting land water, and resources in reciprocal ways. In this workshop, we will discuss how indigenous ways of knowing and living can help heal the land.

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Learn more about the Indigenous Food Circle. 

Workshop Description: Indigenous youth often have the power to build bridges between both Indigenous and Wester science-based knowledge because they balance living in both ways of knowing every day. Inuit and First Nations Ikaarvik youth have learned how valuable that superpower can be. In this workshop, we will explore the role youth can play to bring both to make some pretty awesome things happen.

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Workshop Description: Join us for polar bear basics like why they are dependent on Arctic sea ice and how climate change is impacting their home. Learn why sea ice also matters for the entire planet and how everything we do for polar bears is good for people, too. We also discuss climate action strategies and celebrate how youth around the world are working together to ensure a healthy future for all. 

Materials Required: Pencil and Paper for brainstorming

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Learn more about Polar Bears International 

Workshop Description: Our workshop will emphasize how students can take action on climate change by using their voice and draw inspiration from other young climate leaders. 

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Learn more about Ecology North

Workshop Description: This workshop is designed to help you turn your ideas, inspiration and concerns into action! Whether you’re at the beginning stages of your planning process, or well on your way, we will help you ask the right questions to hone in your planning and take on an effective action project with your grant!

We will be offering this workshop live on two dates in order to accommodate as many Youth Forum participants as possible! We hope one of the following dates works for you!

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Additional General Pre-Recorded Workshops:

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Workshop Description: In this session students will explore how we capture and use the wind to generate electrical energy, how wind energy is being used across the country, and how students can support the transition to renewable energies.


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Workshop Description: In this session, students will explore a circular economic model in relation to the problem of plastic waste in the environment. Through examination of the Plastic Problem and technological solutions to plastic waste, students will feel empowered to address this complex issue and close the loop on plastic.


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Workshop Description:

This interactive workshop will explore climate change impacts and solutions through the Climate Atlas of Canada, an engaging online tool for students, researchers, decision-makers, and communities. As an example, we will look at the health impacts of climate change and students will have the opportunity to participate in a “treasure hunt” to find the answers on the site themselves.


  • Writing utensil & paper
  • Internet-enabled device – 1 per student or shared

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