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Student Workshops

Complete any 4 (or more!) of the following workshops with your students to receive your $500 Action Project grant!

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  • Thu, Oct 6 @ 1pm EDT – Kickoff Event: Learn more about the Youth Forum and hear from our inspirational keynote speakers, High Park Alternative School students and Action Project leaders!
    The students created a show last school year called ‘The High Park Earth Show’. They recorded 3 episodes covering topics around sustainability and community activism. The students will give a brief talk about the motivation for creating the show and the process of recording it, and share some of their favourite clips!
    > Watch the Kickoff recording

Live Workshops:

Remember, all live workshops are recorded so you can catch up if you miss one! 
Note: All workshop times are listed in Eastern time. 

Workshop Description: Climate change is happening, and it can feel pretty scary. Sometimes we call this feeling “Eco-Anxiety”. In this session, GreenLearning will share why there is a good reason to stay optimistic, and work towards solutions we have available.


  • Paper and Pencil for participation

> Access the Recording (workshop took place on Oct 14)

Extra Resources:

Learn more about GreenLearning

Workshop Description: Help your students gain a different perspective about water/groundwater in Canada and the world. This workshop will aim to bring home the importance of water and water quality for our survival and the effects human activity and climate change are having in their own community and the world. Students will be encouraged to become water stewards and bring specific ideas to protect water locally.

> Access the Recording (workshop took place on Oct 19)

> Play the water scavenger hunt! (Use the code “Water” to unlock the first puzzle!)


Learn more about Waterloo Wellington Children’s Groundwater Festival

Workshop Description: This workshop will address how food can be used to reach Sustainable Development Goals in Canada and beyond. The workshop dives deeper and explores how communities can work together to create a healthier, fairer, and more environmentally friendly way to produce, and consume food.


  • This workshop used online polling software. Classes watching the recording can participate by discussing their answers as a class or in small groups.

> Access the recording (workshop took place on Oct 25)

Learn more about Food Secure Canada

Workshop Description: Students will understand the role and importance of pollinators for biodiversity, food production, and ecosystem services. They will gain a key insight into the
main concepts of habitat restoration and will discuss ways of improving soils and choosing native plant species. They will use their knowledge to design pollinator gardens and take specific steps and actions to support pollinator habitats.



> Access the recording (workshop took place on Nov 2)


Extra Resources:

Workshop Description:While there are 17 Sustainable Development Goals in total, there are 7 that strongly connect to the fashion industry. Join Fashion Takes Action to learn about major issues in the fashion industry, how they relate to the Sustainable Development Goals, and what we can do to support these goals through conscious consumption and community action!


> Access the recording (workshop took place on Nov 10)


Learn more about Fashion Takes Action

Workshop Description: So you’ve participated in the workshops and learned about all kinds of climate issues… Now what? Our Action Project Planning workshop will show you what an Action Project looks like and help you consider your interests and skills, your sphere of influence, and the root causes of the issue so you can take on the best Action Project ever!



  • Please print this worksheet (double-sided) – 1 copy per student
  • Internet-enabled devices for Kahoot

> Access the workshop recording (Workshop took place on Nov 24)

> Play the Kahoot with your class


Next Steps:

More workshops coming soon!

Pre-Recorded Workshops:

Available anytime!

Workshop Description: In this session students will explore how we capture and use the wind to generate electrical energy, how wind energy is being used across the country, and how students can support the transition to renewable energies.


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Learn more about GreenLearning

Workshop Description: In this session, students will explore a circular economic model in relation to the problem of plastic waste in the environment. Through examination of the Plastic Problem and technological solutions to plastic waste, students will feel empowered to address this complex issue and close the loop on plastic.


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Learn more about GreenLearning

Workshop Description:

This interactive workshop will explore climate change impacts and solutions through the Climate Atlas of Canada, an engaging online tool for students, researchers, decision-makers, and communities. As an example, we will look at the health impacts of climate change and students will have the opportunity to participate in a “treasure hunt” to find the answers on the site themselves.


  • Writing utensil & paper
  • Internet-enabled device – 1 per student or shared

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Learn more about the Prairie Climate Centre and the Climate Atlas of Canada

Workshop Description:

Students will learn to code a short program in Scratch that will allow them to create a “Choose your own climate adventure” game. They will code questions and answers, animate, and interactions with the program that will help them better understand how the littlest changes in their actions can have an impact. The learning is accessible to all ages and skill levels. This workshop is broken down into two 30-minute recordings. 


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Learn more about Brilliant Labs

Workshop Description:

This workshop explores food through the lens of technologies used across agriculture, harvest, transportation, access points (ex. grocery stores), and finally to your plate. This workshop also shares information about [1] spotting local produce in grocery stores and other commercial spaces; [2] natural fertilizers through compost, and mulches and their use in community gardens; and [3] hydroponics and how we can use this technology to grow foods without soil, when outdoor garden space is unavailable, and across seasons.

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Learn more about Let’s Talk Science

Workshop Description:

We’ll use CoSpaces to build our own 3D creations, animate them with code, and explore them in Virtual or Augmented Reality. Learners will practice testing and debugging, and create a virtual space that they can share with family and friends! Projects will also be learner-driven, giving learners the space to leverage VR as a tool for positive change, to tackle an issue that is important to them.

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Learn more about Canada Learning Code

Workshop Description:

This workshop provides an overview of the environmental and economic benefits of switching from a gas car to an electric car, including the trends in Canada and around the world. It also gives ideas for how students can get involved in sustainable transportation initiatives!

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Learn more about Plug’n Drive


Through stories of her experiences in the Western Arctic of Canada, Kathleen Matari explores two important knowledge sets, Indigenous knowledge and Western science knowledge, and how the gap between the two must be bridged in order to take action on climate change.

> Watch the lecture

More workshops coming soon!

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Teacher Professional Development Sessions

  • Teacher PD Resources from LSF

    PD package full of strategies, tools & resources for engaging your students in the SDGs and sustainability learning

    • Webinar: Introduction to Sustainability Education and the SDGs
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