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Knowledge Mobilization Sessions​

Convening Stakeholders to Advance Climate Change Education

Regional Reports

In 2023 LSF hosted a series of Knowledge Mobilization Sessions across Canada. The sessions engaged diverse representatives from federal, provincial and municipal governments, Indigenous education groups, education organizations, school boards, academics, community groups, business, teachers, and students from grades 7-12.

The purpose of these sessions was to: share the findings from Canadians’ Perspectives on Climate Change & Education: 2022 – a National survey of over 4,000 Canadians; share the region-specific report; discuss the current reality of climate change education in the region; and develop actionable priorities to strengthen climate change education across the province/region.

On April 19th LSF met with a group of students from 9 provinces across Canada to share the survey results and discuss steps to mobilize action.

Students were given the opportunity to share what they’re currently doing to address climate change and to reflect on their experiences with climate change education in and out of school. They then brainstormed what other sectors can do to support youth in fighting climate change and made their own pledges to take climate action! 

The results from this session, along with student-specific survey results can be accessed below:

If you have any questions about the knowledge mobilization sessions please contact:

Pamela Schwartzberg
President and CEO
Learning for a Sustainable Future