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Getting Started

You have 3 options for delivering the A Million Bottles A Minute workshop (for grades 4-8):
  • The PDF for teachers can act as your home base, linking to each activity individually so you can go through the workshop at your own pace
  • You can use the slides and speaking notes to present the workshop to your class (please note these are hosted on Google Drive, which may be blocked by some organizations including school boards. If you have trouble accessing it, try signing out of your board-affiliated email or using an incognito browser.)
  • You can have LSF staff guide your class through the workshop with our play-and-go video recording

Workshop Materials

The workshop includes 3 hands-on activities that require printed materials:
  • Plastics In My Day worksheet (if you’re using the pre-recorded webinar, you can use the Plastics Bingo worksheet instead)
  • Hidden Plastics cards
  • Commitment To Action worksheet

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