Green Jobs: Adapting to our Changing Climate

Video Series

LSF’s Green Jobs: Adapting to our Changing Climate video series supports Canadian students in preparing for the 21st century workforce.

Today’s youth are looking ahead towards a climate-altered future, where impacts are felt throughout Canada’s environment, communities, health, economy, and more.

Whether working to mitigate climate change or adapt to its impacts, jobs requiring knowledge and skills to address climate change will be ever more important.

This series of 10 videos introduces students to various Canadian experts who build climate resilience through their work. Each video is hosted by high school students from across Canada.

As part of your careers studies courses, sustainability and climate change courses or club activities, share these videos with your students to inspire them to think about green jobs!

“How can youth—the workforce of tomorrow—pursue jobs that make our communities more resilient to a changing climate?”

– Annette Morand, Science Planning Officer, Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Division, Natural Resources Canada, Government of Canada

Supported by Natural Resources Canada’s Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise (BRACE) Program


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Thank you so much to everyone who worked on the videos, including: Paula Gallo, Sira Chayer, & Bria Luis.

Thank you to the experts who took the time to be interviewed by our students: Louise Aubin, DG Blair, Joseph A. Daraio, Sabine Dietz, Paul Dinn, Serge Dupuis, Ross Dwyer, Lauren Fleet, Dr. Anna Gunz, Doug Johnson, Geneva Kejick, MJ Legault, Dana Mears, Marc Nelitz, Sarah O’Rourke, David Pearson, Adrian Prado, Daniel Scott, & Laio Silva Sobrinho.

Thank you to the teachers and students who dedicated their time to hosting these wonderful interviews: Rosanne Massinon & students from Carman Collegiate, Manitoba | Dan Kunanec & students from Don Mills Collegiate Institute, Ontario | Marie-Christine Roy & students from École Des Rives, Québec | Melani Decelles & students from École Secondaire Kelvin High School, Manitoba | Laura Myers & students from Hampton High School, New Brunswick | Lisa Jeffery & students from Leamington District Secondary School, Ontario | Sabrina Liu & students from Markville Secondary School, Ontario | Susan Butler & students from Roncalli Central High School, Newfoundland | and Jason Moulthrop & students from Ursula Franklin Academy, Ontario.