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ESD Networks

Through the development of ESD networks, LSF helps to bring together educators, researchers, business people, and government and non-government organizations to advance ESD in the formal, non-formal and informal education systems. The expert dialogue enhances the capacity for systemic change within education and life long learning and contribute to Canada’s response to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014) and the Global Action Program for ESD (post 2015)

  • ESD Canada is a network that brings together a broad range of stakeholders from across the country to support systemic change toward Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) within the formal, non-formal and informal education systems.
  • Provincial/Territorial ESD Working Groups support and foster a culture of ESD in each jurisdiction. They will achieve this vision by engaging senior leaders from provincial Ministries, federal government, the formal, informal and non-formal education sectors, business and community organizations in determining the goals, priorities and objectives for ESD activities and working together to support their regional advancement.

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