Step Outside

Welcome to Step Outside – Your Guide to Nature’s Events. Step Outside, published two to three times per month, is a compilation of seasonal happenings that can be used to bring nature into your classroom. The guides detail specific flora, fauna and climate events, which are often taking place just outside your school – though these may happen sooner or later depending on your location.

Where appropriate, direct links between specific Step Outside Nature Guides and classroom resources found on the R4R database have been made in an effort to support or extend the learning. 

Each guide will become available as the seasons progress on the R4R website. You can also receive email notices of the latest Step Outside publications by signing up below.


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*A note: we understand that access to the outdoors is highly dependent on circumstance. Whether you currently have access to a green space, your own backyard, or even just the view outside your window, we hope you will be able to connect with nature in some way through these Guides!