Thinking Forward Toolkits

Toolkits for Building Classroom Communities in a Pandemic World

There are many important lessons from the past months of the COVID-19 pandemic that we don’t want to miss or forget in the classroom. In spite of severe restrictions, uncertainty and physical and mental challenges, there have been countless examples of adaptability, creativity and transformational actions.

These toolkits will provide educators with sessions for reflection and thinking about the Pandemic experience in a thoughtful, proactive and engaging way. They are designed for primary. junior, middle school and high school levels. The material and activities are age appropriate, applicable to diverse learners and can connect to any subject discipline or curriculum. 

The focus is on key concepts which will help students to move forward with new awareness, resilience and optimism for the future. While each session connects to students’ experiences, the concepts investigated are also linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, allowing students to see how their learning is useful and to act on it.

Thank you so much to everyone who worked on the toolkits, including: Susan Elliott, Janice Haines, Nathalie Lauriault, Catherine Everett, Ingrid Tamkin, Tina Jagdeo, Rehaab Rifdi, and Sam Gawron 


Check out the toolkit for your grade level: