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Discover the Technology Loop! is a dynamic, cross curricular, skill-building resource to help students explore the environmental and social impacts of the computer electronics life cycle (from design, sourcing their materials, manufacturing, distribution, use and end of use). It challenges students to consider the technology life cycle using a global perspective and helps students understand that humans are in fact an integral part of nature, and not distinct from it. The ready-to-use lessons and activities have been developed through a collaboration between Hewitt Packard (Canada) Co. and Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF). The unit addresses provincial curriculum expectations in grades six to ten.

Discover the Technology Loop! resources help students:

  • Understand the social and environmental impacts and opportunities involved in the life cycle of electronics
  • Choose, use, and dispose of technology products responsibly
  • Analyze the life cycle of a common object
  • Communicate suggestions for improving everyday objects to the companies that manufacture them

This workshop has been developed by Learning for a Sustainable Future, with support from HP.

Download the complete guide

  • Discover the Technology Loop!

download individual lessons

  • 1: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Resources
  • 2: So What?
  • 3: Understanding a Product’s Life
  • 4: Exploring Social and Environmental Opportunities and Concerns
  • 5: A Look Inside
  • 6: Promoting Changes to Everyday Objects
  • 7: Making Changes in our Own Lives

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