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We are back with more at-Home & at-School Education Resources for Parents & Teachers!

In these uncertain times, we know the roles of both parents and teachers have changed. In addition to the global challenges we're all experiencing, many are now encountering the challenge of keeping kids engaged and learning at home, virtually or physically distanced at school. Learning has been turned inside out!

To support parents and teachers, LSF is curating this weekly collection of activities drawn from our Resources for Rethinking (R4R) database, so you can be confident they have  been vetted by teachers and connected to Canadian education outcomes, wherever you are.

We'll be alternating themes every week between:

While we want to support learning both inside and out, we're putting a special emphasis on outdoor activities. We always encourage outdoor learning to help kids develop an affinity with the earth, but now is a particularly good time to step outside. Experiencing nature can have a positive affect on mental health for kids, parents and educators—something we could all use, we're sure! (However, please remember to observe any and all physical distancing practices in place in your area!)

We hope you and your kids will find the activities accessible, interactive, and engaging.

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Keep an eye on our social media where we will be announcing the resources of the week with a special focus on all of our outdoor activities to keep your students and children as safe and engaged as possible this fall. 

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If you are looking to purchase outdoor learning products  (e.g. dip nets, sit pads, field guides, magnifiers, etc.) visit Canada's Non-Profit Outdoor Learning Store where a portion of the proceeds of sales go to support outdoor learning non-profit organizations from across the country!

If you've tried out the activities and want to offer us some feedback, we'd love to hear from you!

Check out all of our 2020/2021 guides below:

Below you can find our first 13 weeks of Learning Inside Out resources organized by grade level: 

*If you have trouble accessing any of the links, it may be because your organization is blocking external sites. Try signing out of your board-affiliated gmail account and trying again!*


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