Action Project Grant Request - LSF Youth Forum


  • If you have completed the minimum number of workshops (at least 4) as part of one of LSF’s virtual Youth Forums, you are eligible for an Action Project grant
  • Action Project grants are up to $500*
  • Action Projects must be student-led
  • Projects must relate to the theme of the Youth Forum (e.g. climate action, water, or the UN Sustainable Development Goals)
  • You may request your grant any time before May 1, 2023 
  • We generally DO NOT FUND landscapers/contractors, speaker fees, donations to other organizations, travel (i.e. busing), or large-scale installations such as water bottle refill stations (exceptions may apply!)
  • You will need to submit receipts or proof of purchase for all budget items.
  • Action Projects must be completed and Final Reports submitted by May 24, 2023.
  • All Action Projects must also be posted on Our Canada Project by May 24, 2023, including some great photos of your students in action. So get snappy!

*if you completed more than 1 Youth Forum, you are eligible for up to $500 per completed Forum

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Youth Forum grant cheques are made payable to the school and mailed using the information you entered above.
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